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Originally Posted by Boxne View Post
There's no specific way to deal with a charge back from a customer. PayPal allows a customer to complete a chargeback within 45-days! This is why our Refund Policy in our Terms of Service offers a 45-day money back guarantee. If a end-user completes a Unauthorized Transaction Form against PayPal and our business, we work with a Legal Advisor in order to obtain whether the claim is really unauthorized. We normally tend to refund all customers for all services besides Dedicated Servers as our prices are 50% below market value.

Thank you.
Well that covers you against PayPal disputes but not chargebacks. Chargebacks have a much longer window for a chargeback to take place and if that is the case, PayPal will hold the funds on your account until the chargeback has been resolved. I believe the chargeback for card issuers is around 120 days but can go up/down based on certain factors.

Really there isn't a need for a legal advisor in a chargeback case and unless you have some really large contracts in place, wouldn't the legal advisor cost you more than the chargeback itself?
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