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Hello, I am here seeking for someone to become a business administration partner. I am strictly looking for someone in the local area of North East Ohio to be able to effective work and deploy our plans.

The general sense of said plan is that to setup a dual purpose facility. Which would service IT infrastructure supported office space for individuals. Mixed with a well equipped server room to provide hosting solution to those individuals. This server room would also dual as vending hosting servicing online separately.

What are my expectations from you?

Put simply I expect this person to take me and my above plans seriously. With that in mind...

Please note beside that and what this title concerns that you will be required to attend a in person interview(s). Within an area of North East Ohio if I deemed you as a candidate to do such with.

Finally the person selected will be required to also be available in the similar area and if it differs the place of said facility.

If your interested please PM me. If you have any questions/concerns you may post them here or PM me as deemed appropriate.