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Originally Posted by CrossBox View Post
Discourse is what I preferred in last couple of years. It's great, but a bit more resource hungry.
I have a love and hate relationship with Discourse.

I love it because it is new, different and allows people to find the best information fast, instead of being presented with pages and pages of content.

I hate it because it is very snooty in what it needs to run. First, as you correctly mentioned, it is indeed RAM-hungry. Secondly, it requires Ruby on Rails and a specific version of Docket to run. So the only chance to run it is when you have a hosting service with full root access (VPS at minimum).
I am currently dealing with a brand new install on another site and even finding the right people to take care of that is a challenge, because it requires a bunch of server configuration work.

For us here the XenForo is still going to be the choice and the most common sense platform to upgrade to.