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Web hosting news with an attitude

Can today’s web hosting news sites be more dull? “Network upgrades at Layered Technologies” – how exciting! “Fasthosts unveils new unlimited reseller plans” – you don’t say! Source after source with nothing but syndicated press releases. Bo-ring… Time to shake things up!

Don’t keep your hopes up if you think we will be your guiding hand into how to run your hosting enterprise. We are not a tutorial, so we won’t be preaching the dos and don’ts of this business. Have a press release that you hope to be posted here? As you might have already guessed, we are not fan of them either. So what is this blog for, if not to spread more of the same? Well, we hope to create a voice. A voice that is full of criticism when we smell something fishy. A voice that knows how to praise when an occasion calls for it. A voice that does not follow anyone’s lead. A voice that is not afraid to report things the way they are. And a voice that can cut through all the clutter and feed information you might really want to know.

We ask our writers and contributors to be vocal. We want to report the news through questioning everything, but mainly by asking ourselves – how does it impact you, me and the industry as a whole. We will stay informational, but we also promise to be opinionated and analytical. We also hope to bring commentaries of outside experts as well.

As blog takes shape, with a bit of luck it won’t turn into a generic hosting site with monotonous content we’ve seen hundreds of times before. Subsequently we ask for your patience, your engagement and your feedback in helping us define what’s turning to be an exciting new social media adventure.

If you find this project appealing and challenging enough to participate as staff writer or contributor, we’d love to hear from you. We also welcome news tips and rumors worth investigating.

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