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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wayback Machine’s new DC demands

A new data center will be opened for Internet Archive organization. It will store two petabytes of data for its now famous digital time capsule called the Wayback Machine, which houses 85 billion archived web pages dated since 1996.

Disaster Recovery by MaximumASP

A new disaster recovery service for enterprise and dedicated server customers has been launched by MaximumASP. It employs Symantec Recovery Solution which synchronizes and replicates databases and files to a Chicago data center. The service offers protection for critical data against events such as hardware failure, natural disaster, or data corruption.

NaviSite hosts PetsUnited

The e-retailer websites of PetsUnited is now being hosted by NaviSite. PetsUnited sell pet and outdoor supplies. Their brands include and The deal with NaviSite provides PetsUnited with a hybrid virtualized and dedicated hosting solution.

IBM to purchase Sun?

IBM is out shopping again. After acquiring acquired Cognos, a Canadian software developer, last year for $5 billion, the technology giant made an offer to buy Sun Microsystems for at least $6.5 billion or double its closing price of $4.97.

Cisco’s new data center game plan

Cisco announced its new data center strategy called Unified Computing System, which unites things such as network and storage access in a single efficient system. This approach can reduce IT infrastructure costs and help customers develop efficient data centers.

Verio stimulates its own economy

Stimulus package has become the new buzz word of 2009, and it would stand to reason that the idea of economic rescue would eventually make it’s way to the hosting industry. In a move that is partially altruistic, and overwhelmingly self-serving, SMBs web host Verio announced its own stimulus package for its partners. The announcement […]

Host Color is appealing to the ladies

As much as I’d like to think of the web as a gender neutral industry, I’m constantly reminded that’s it’s not. Web hosting may be the last frontier in male/female equality. From the same people who brought us the ultra-gimmicky “free .US domain on Elvis’ birthday” promotion, Host Color is now offering a special rebate […]

Gmail outage

Gmail users experienced another outage today. Google expects to fix the problem by the morning of March 11. The company did not release any information of how many users were affected. Also, it is not clear whether both business and personal users are affected. If last year is any indicator, Gmail has been experiencing downtime […]

Newsweek condemns Bluehost

Newsweek has condemned web host Bluehost in censoring users affiliated with foreign countries, such as Belarus, Cuba, Syria and North Korea. HostMonster, Blaser Hosting, Biz Builder and other large web hosts also explicitly prohibit countries based on the perceived risk. This decision helps companies police customer websites but Newsweek notes that this is a form […]

Cisco rolls out IronPort, email security services

Cisco has announced a new line of managed email security services called IronPort Email Security. It is aimed at providing businesses with a versatile set of protection offers and it also gives users control over where their email security is deployed and managed.

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