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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sedo to soon cross 1 million user mark

Domain Name Wire reports an online domain marketplace Sedo will soon hit 1 million registered users. More than 55,000 users joined the site since the end of last year, which brings the total number of users to 962,000, based on its first quarter financial report.

LeaseWeb hosts Amsterdam Rijksmuseum website

The Amserdam Rijksmuseum website is now being hosted by European web hosting provider LeaseWeb. The museum has a collection of 1.3 million art pieces that are worth a total of 8 billion euros. It includes paintings, jewelry, and textiles. The site is hosted on a dedicated hosting plan which uses LeasweWeb’s international hosting network.

Yahoo! to build new data center in New York?

Yaho0! may build a new data center in Western New York. The company talked with the U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, as well as New York State officials about the possibility. The new DC could be as large as 60,000 square feet and help create 50 to 100 jobs. According to reports, Schumer said the possibility […]

Mirror Image wows Wowza Media

Mirror Image Internet has partnered with Wowza Media Systems in a deal that lets Mirror Image use Wowza’s multi-protocol streaming application to deliver video from any codec or device including the iPhone. In exchange, Mirror Image will Wowza Media Server Pro Advanced available (Pro was launched in February 2007) in the second half of 2009.

Latisys brings IBM’s iDataPlex server

Data center operator Latisys (formerly known as Managed Data Holdings) is expanding its data center platform with IBM’s iDataPlex server. It will also use IBM’s global capabilities to expand its hosting services that will include media and gaming groups. The iDataPlex server reduces energy consumption and increases compute density.

LiquidWeb brings Plest Panel to its Linux servers

LiquidWeb announced it will offer Parallels Plesk Panel version 9.0 on all its servers in the next few weeks. Previously, the panel was only available on LiquidWeb’ Windows servers. With 9th version of the software, the company will be able to extend the offering on Linux-based servers which account for about 80% of company’s total […]

UK-based Fasthosts launches new reseller platform

Fasthosts Internet, a UK web hosting provider, announced that it has launched a new reseller platform, exclusively for its reseller partners in UK. The package is available with promotional three free months and priced at £5 per month plus VAT. The company also re-engineered its Reseller Control Dashboard that lets resellers customize their customers’ control […]

MediaTemple suffers a 2-day long outage

On May 4, a major outage at MediaTemple placed their customers’ websites offline for nearly two days. In a statement issued by the company, only the grid hosting service customers were affected, and not the shared hosting customers. The company suffered a similar outage back in March, which lasted 38 hours.

SurpassHosting to serve the U.K. market

Florida-based web hosting provider Surpass Hosting now has a web hosting plan specifically tailored for the U.K. market. The servers that will power company’s U.K. operations are located in a BlueSquare Data facility near London. Surpass Hosting announced it plans to expand similar offerings to other countries such as Malaysia and New Zealand.

ReliableSite introduces dedicated servers

A line of dedicated servers was introduced a few days ago by ReliableSite. The servers of the North Bergen, New Jersey-based data center are available in Dual Core, Quad Core, and 8 Core configurations and can run both Windows or Linux OS. Other features also include cooling and self-management.

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