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Hosts take advantage of social networking

Social networking built on specific platforms is not a new thing; you will recall that MySpace was originally launched six years ago, in August of 2003, making it a relatively old service where this emerging field is concerned. But where MySpace proved to be a boon to emerging artists such as musicians, newer social networking platforms like Twitter are giving hosting providers something to latch onto, offering them a means of free advertising direct to the screens of potential customers, all with only 140 characters and the click of a mouse.

Twitter has become a fantastic platform for companies to communicate with and listen to existing and potential customers. By offering exclusive discounts to new and existing customers through Twitter we are giving them another reason to engage with us via social networking. Providing promotion codes and discounts are not the only ways we are using Twitter to engage with our customers. Through Twitter we are seeking customer feedback which allows us to develop and tailor our products and services to give customers exactly what they want. – Mark Boost, Managing Director, Ltd

While many web hosting firms have made their presence on Twitter known via blogging, status updates and service announcements, only a few have taken their social networking schemes to the next level. Domain registrar and web hosting provider is a perfect example, launching exclusive discounts for their Twitter followers last week in an effort to encourage not only new purchases but also future relevance to their clientele. Releasing discount codes via the Twitter platform offering 25% off .com domains and 50% off their web hosting services, LCN is capturing the attention of their social following and ensuring that there is a sustained value is keeping up with the company’s feeds.

Twitter is not alone in drawing the attention of web hosts and their customers as alternate social networking sites such as Facebook work to encourage companies to establish business pages, providing a secure and personal platform for everything from general infrastructure updates to one-on-one customer feedback and support. Popular domain registrar and hosting provider GoDaddy serves as a prime example, using their Facebook page to serve company news, uptime updates, sales promotions and eye-catching fun and games to fans of the company.

The opportunities presented by the ever-popular social networking scene should not be ignored by anyone with a hand in the hosting business, whether you are a customer or a CEO. So long as services like Twitter allow for instant communication between anyone, anywhere, benefits await both consumers and sales professionals at every turn!

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One comment for “Hosts take advantage of social networking”

  1. Just as MySpace appears to have fallen in popularity, I predict Twitter will follow the same fate. This doesn’t mean social networking isn’t important. In fact, Facebook is experiencing phenomenal growth, and there will be others to fill the void.

    Posted by Steve-Hostirian | Monday, January 18, 2010, 2:17 pm

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