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InetServices expands data center capacity to support its cloud infrastructure

InetServices, which offers dedicated and managed hosting solutions, recently announced that they have opened a second data center in the Boston area, which the company said would go online on January 1, 2010.

With this new addition, the company says it will have an inventory of 6,000 servers, and additions will be made to the capacity of its bandwidth. Chief Operating Officer Kevin Soendker said that the additional data center would “give us a disaster recovery site for our newly released cloud hosting services.” InetServices also plans to open a third data center on the west coast late next year.

InetServices has been around since 1997, and they are just now getting to building out a second datacenter. That means it has taken them over a decade to expand into another datacenter. Although there may be many valid reasons for this, it is somewhat concerning to see a web host that seeks expansion to take over a decade to do so. On the other hand, industry information indicates that their uptime is 99.9%, which, if true, means that customers are enjoying reliable service.

There don’t appear to be many reviews of the company, and one review that is available levies allegations of inappropriate credit card billing. Whether that accusation is true or unfounded, it is a concern for any potential customer. Other reviews, which include input from the company itself, make it clear that they don’t take kindly to giving refunds.

While it’s good to see hosting companies invest in increasing their capacity, a potential customer must still do his or her research. What good is a company with two data centers if it doesn’t truly take care of its customers, after all? And for that matter, what good is a company when it has a “Corporate Oveview [sic]” on its website, as it does at the time this article was published? The bottom line is this: an expansion in data center capacity says healthy things about a provider, but if a company can’t spell “overview” correctly on their website, it’s all for naught.

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