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GoDaddy continues growth with Mac and affiliation

Web hosting and domain name giant GoDaddy continues to make the news with their rapid growth this month, this time with their latest announcements of both Apple Xserve-based hosting services and a brand new affiliate program with improved rewards.

“The 33 percent year-on-year increase in sales of Macintosh computers reported by Apple this quarter indicates a growing interest in Apple hardware. Virtualization solutions can help make this a practical reality for users, giving them the ability to run the Windows and Linux applications they need on the Apple system they want. Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition provides a high performance solution that enables IT professionals and developers to capitalize on the power of Mac OS X Server while having the flexibility to run Windows and Linux workloads both on-premise and through the Cloud.”  –  Parallels CEO Serguei Beloussov

In a move that ranks as the largest-ever increase in its server virtualization services, GoDaddy is now offering hosting, cloud automation and related business services via the latest release from virtualization software-maker Parallels, allowing businesses to bypass the standard platforms of Linux and Windows and instead standardize their services on Apple’s Xserve hardware through Mac OSX. The move allows GoDaddy to focus on more Mac-based services in the future as well; noting Apple hardware and related services as products that “our customers need and want,” Bob Parsons and company continue tapping into markets that are traditionally ignored by other mainstream providers. With a 33% year-over-year increase in sales of Apple Mac computers in 2009 and continued marketing of exciting products such as the iPad, Apple seems poised to make a big splash among the masses in 2010 and, as a very early adopter of Parallel’s software, GoDaddy is looking to take the lead on that burgeoning market.

The second big revelation to come from the Scottsdale, Arizona web services provider in the past week was that of their new affiliation program, an in-house upgrade that will see affiliates able to earn as much as 20 per cent commission on eligible GoDaddy products and services. The free-to-join GoDaddy Direct Affiliate Program offers a simple method of collecting commissions, offering cut-and-paste HTML codes that can be used to advertise its products via blogs, a personal web site and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Each time a clicked affiliate link leads to a sale, the link owner receives an immediate influx of cash into their GoDaddy account.

With a policy that rewards sales up to 45 days following the initial click and pay-outs via well-known money handlers like PayPal, this new program from GoDaddy comes in leaps and bounds ahead of its former Commission Junction partnership, allowing affiliate marketers the ability to take advantage of both GoDaddy’s products and interface with generous and easy-to-access returns.

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