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New York Times rates Rackspace best place to work

The New York Times has released the results of their annual survey of the best places to work in the latest edition of the Sunday Times and web hosting and cloud services provider Rackspace has earned honors in several categories, including top spot in the ranking of IT services companies. The honors mark the third straight year that the well-known web firm has ranked in the upper echelons of The Sunday Times Employer Awards.

Finishing in the 30th position on the overall 100 Best Companies Awards, Rackspace was specifically honored by The Sunday Times for their continuing efforts towards a positive company culture and a focus on employee engagement; an additional 10th place ranking was earned by the company for those “who love what they do, believe in the company and its future and deliver a great service.”

“We are very proud of all the progress we have made in our business over the last year and what is truly pleasing is that as the company has grown our ‘Rackers’ continue to feel valued in their roles. We are thrilled to see that our employees love what they do and are excited at where the business is going. Our continued success is without doubt because of our Racker’s tireless dedication to Fanatical Support and the passion they show every single day.” – Rackspace EMEA managing director Brian Thomson

With results based solely on employee interviews, the numbers crunched by the team at The Sunday Times in their 100 Best Companies Awards are considered among the most prestigious and reliable available. Rackspace’s results based on individual questions include a whopping 89 percent of the company’s workforce saying that they are excited about the company’s direction with 79 percent adding that the work they do for Rackspace is great for their personal growth. A full 95 percent of Rackspace employees stated that they were proud to work for the organization.

This latest accolade marks only one of many for Rackspace with the most recent being a Laureate award given by The Financial Times in 2009 when the company was recognized as one of the best places to work in the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole.

The prime reputation that Rackspace has earned over the years has helped the web services firm to attract not only talented employees at lower levels of the company but also some of the most distinguished names in management including former president and founder of Tier 1 Research Andrew Schroepfer and former eBay executive Mark Roenigk, among many others.

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