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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
By Artashes Toumanov

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Limestone Networks opens new data center in Dallas

In the words of Gary Kendall, CEO of Limestone Networks, their new hosting facility downtown Dallas is the most secure data center in commercial use. It is located in the recently renovated DataBank building, which also houses the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Limestone facility features all-fiber connectivity, multiple connections to the power grid, redundant power and cooling systems, and multiple security layers.

Web hosting news with an attitude

Can today’s web hosting news sites be more dull? “Network upgrades at Layered Technologies” – how exciting! “Fasthosts unveils new unlimited reseller plans” – you don’t say! Source after source with nothing but syndicated press releases. Bo-ring… Time to shake things up!

The road to crème brulee

The time has come when I can finally sit back and relax a little. If you knew the level of pain and emotional distress that I have been through for the past ten months creating this blog, you’d understand me better. Broken promises, missed deadlines, lost investments – all turned out to be just a part […]

SingleHop focuses on power efficiency with its new Atom server

SingleHop is the first dedicated hosting provider to introduce the Intel Dual-Core Atom server. The server is faster than a Pentium-4 and due to its Hyperthreading processor, it also uses 75% less power. Priced at $99/month, it could prove to be a popular buy among those looking for an entry-level dedicated hosting environment.

Hosting market to reach $24.4 billion in 2010

No economic slowdown for the hosting industry. Tier 1 Research estimated the worldwide hosting market to be $12.3 billion in 2007. The company also projected the industry, which grows at 26 percent per year, to reach $24.4 billion in 2010.

FlexiScale’ downtime woes put customers in doubt

Cloud storage provider FlexiScale went through an 18-hour downtime this week. Network failure, caused by “near simultaneous switch failure in the switches that connect the storage to the processing nodes” (source: The Register), left some customers wonder whether cloud computing’s ongoing troubles are living up to its puffed up expectations. According to reports, in a separate incident FlexiScale went offline for several days […]

The Web grows by 948,000 sites in October 2008

Netcraft’s Web Server Survey for the month of October 2008 showed that the Web saw an increase of 948,000 sites from the previous month, bringing the total to 182,226,259 sites. Apache once again shows the largest growth, gaining 463 thousand sites this month.

Verio partner program brings social tools to resellers

Verio has upgraded its channel partner program by launching viaVerio website. The company brings a whole range of socially-designed tools to its resellers, including a partner address book and a forum, where Verio partners can meet, discuss related issues and foster strategic relationships. Additionally, viaVerio team members will lead on-going discussions on hot topics percolating in the viaVerio community […]

The Planet attains $45 million credit facility

Given the economic environment, here is some great news. The Planet has secured a new $45 million credit facility from Wachovia and Bank of America. Douglas J. Erwin, Chairman and CEO of The Planet noted that this financing will fund company’s demand-driven expansion plans and strategic initiatives over the next few years. We expect few announcements relative to strategic […]

Troubled Look Communications sells its EasyHosting division

Canadian-based Look Communications has sold its web hosting division EasyHosting to web development tools provider Bluegenesis for $3.8 million, in hopes to correct its troubled financial state. Look has lost $2 million in its latest reported quarter on revenue of $4.9 million, which is down from $6 million a year ago. As part of this deal, […]