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GoDaddy to sponsor Indianapolis 500

For the third year in a row, domain registrar GoDaddy will be the presenting sponsor for the telecast of the Indianapolis 500. A new commercial will be made for the Indy 500 event. It will star Danica Patrick (as you probably guessed), a GoDaddy Girl and an IndyCar racer. In the ad, Danica is pulled […]

GoDaddy gives clients an instant feedback tool

Domain registrer and web hosting provider GoDaddy has announced that it is offering a new entrepreneurial tool “Site Surveys”, designed for businesses to receive instant feedback from their customers. This tool also simplifies the tracking and measuring of customer attitudes. It features real-time reporting and drag-and-drop interface.

Host Color is appealing to the ladies

As much as I’d like to think of the web as a gender neutral industry, I’m constantly reminded that’s it’s not. Web hosting may be the last frontier in male/female equality. From the same people who brought us the ultra-gimmicky “free .US domain on Elvis’ birthday” promotion, Host Color is now offering a special rebate […]

GoDaddy expands facility, rewards employees

Domain registrar Go Daddy has expanded their Science & Technology complex at Scottsdale Airpark by 21,000 square foot. The company rewarded top employees with cash prizes and one-year mortgage payments in their “expansion party” which was attended by local government officials and Candice Michelle (the GoDaddy Girl) who signed autographs at the event.

GoDaddy Super Bowl TV ad among most-watched

Along with Bud Light Lime, Super Bowl commercial was seen by the most viewers (103.2 million), as reported by The Nielsen Company. The company has also reported an increase in new customers following the exposure.

GoDaddy gains new customers after Super Bowl ad

GoDaddy reported a 10% increase in new customers after their 2009 Super Bowl campaign, aired after the final 2-minute warning. The commercial features an IndyCar driver Danica Patrick in the Shower. While the ad caused some controversy, GoDaddy stated two out of three women liked the ad.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl aftermath

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, you may be wondering if the GoDaddy commercials paid off. According to a carefully worded press release, over 60% of people polled “loved” the Shower commercial, starring Danica Patrick. In Shower, Danica Patrick and another woman are controlled by three teenage boys to share a shower together. The […] leads in SSL certificate release numbers

According to NetCraft’s report, domain registrar GoDaddy has issued more new SSL certificates than any other provider in 2008. A total of 220,000 new SSL certificates were issued last year and the famous domain registrar was responsible for over 100,000 of them (47% of the market share).

Fans will pick Godaddy’s superbowl commercial

It is up to the fans of GoDaddy to choose which one of the two commercials that the company shot in December will air during the Superbowl. Both commercials feature Danica Patrick, a GoDaddy girl and Indycar racer. As of last Wednesday, the ad titled “Shower” had a slight edge over “Baseball”. Previous versions of […]

Does GoDaddy practice what it preaches?

HTML clipboardIt’s Super Bowl time, and that means it’s time for another raunchy installment from domain registar and web hosting company GoDaddy. GoDaddy’s inappropriate and sexually implicit commercials during the Super Bowl are really cringe-worthy, especially if you’re sitting next to your parents. Of course, sex sells, but what exactly is sexy about web hosting? […]

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