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  Post #1 (permalink)   05-28-2004, 06:21 PM
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Greetings HR Visitors and Members

We have recently launched our new website and our new legal name out there. Our Dedicated Server division is not finished yet but I was thinking I could offer a pre-re-opening offer

Anyways, here it comes:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
GNAX / Global Net Access
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Network Guarantees: 100% Uptime, pro-rated refund if downtime is reached.
Network Providers: Abovenet, Williams, Aleron, Allegiance, Verio*, PCCWBTN*, Telia**.
*Installed two days ago.
**Direct Connection now and not thru our colo provider. Installed TODAY.
All GigE lines (1000Mbps)

General Server Features (Included with all servers):
#APC Remote Reboot and Extranet.
#Private MRTG Links.
#8 IP Addresses. 5 "Real" usable IP Addresses.
RVskin avaliable just $20 one-time!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Did you always wanted to try or had interested in GNAX before but you preffered to pay some bucks less for a Server elsewhere? With this offer wich you can take in advantage You will receive some bucks off in these GNAX servers. Excellent if you want to test their Network, if you want to see if their "100% Uptime" is real... or simply having a secondary server elsewhere and not have all your eggs in one basket. Well this is the offer you need to take Advantage off, We are giving you 10% off on all Prices, Including Extra IP's, Cpanel, Upgrades... What's the catch? It is only for one month, after your first month you will pay the normal service fee. But wait, we really want you to test our services, if you like the network you can stay. If you ask me it is a great opportunity to test GNAX network and a Service of a Great Reseller

I know what it feels to have downtime, trust me. When I started on this business I had a server for 4 months with Nocster, just when they had that awful network incident some months back, I was in there... I really didn't liked what I saw, all my clients where mad at me and I almost loose all my Business I had taked months to built. Just when I though... Darn, this damm downtime will knock me off. I decided to evolve and move to a better provider... Here is when GNAX takes a part in the game, when I was looking at some places to move all my server clients, I found GNAX, I have been very happy with them these overall 4 Months that I have been with them and so my customers are. Now is where I can say "I'm home". Not to say anything bad about Nocster but they have to Improve their Network, I have to agree their other services are just great, pings are great but that hole in the field is a real pain in... Don't get me wrong here, I know what you are thinking here, you must be thinking this guy sells Nocsters servers too and he is talking bad things about them, well the real thing is that... In business you must be sincere with your clients. And that is what I'm doing right now if you haven't noticed. Now, Nocster is a great provider, if you want to run your clan Game Server, test box, free hosting, backup server... But if you really need and your business depends on UPTIME, GNAX is the way to go...

Now, you must be comparing Apples to Apples now, well I know how does that feels. Well, I want to cheer you up a bit and tell you want benefits you will receive with us not included on GNAX service

We will monitor your Free Space on each filesystem of your Server, and we will Monitor your Server 24/7/365 (more details here), if you need something installed on your Server like Zend, Apache Recompiles, cURL install, PHP Recompile, we can do that for you. This is not including on the GNAX Management policy and it is a direct benefit of having a server with us, not to mention that you will pay the same price in GNAX :blush:

Not to mention that we provide our clients with ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM addresses to contact us

Sadly, we don't have any toll free numbers yet for Emergencies but you bet that within 1 Month we will have them for you!! although GNAX and BurstNET have their Own phone lines, we preffer to know what is going on so we can help you in some cases better than BurstNET

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Servers Avaliable @GNAX - All Servers have FREE SETUP
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

@Navigator Basic*
Your Choice: P3 1.0 or Duron 1.0
512 MB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive
400 GB Transfer/month
10 MBPS Port
$85/mo :: First Month = $76.50

@Navigator Advanced*
Your Choice: P4 1.7Ghz , XP 1700+, or Dual P3 1.13 (Recommended)
512 MB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive
400 GB Transfer/month
Remote APC Reboot
10 MBPS Port
$99/mo :: First Month = $89.10

*Please specify the server you want on Comments on the Order Form.

@AMD Athlon XP 2400+
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive
1000 GB Transfer/month
$119/mo :: First Month = $107.10

@AMD Athlon XP 3000+
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive
1000 GB Transfer/month
$139/mo :: First Month = $125.10

@Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive

1000 GB Transfer/month
$139/mo :: First Month = $125.10

@Intel Pentium 3.0Ghz
800 Front Side Bus (Hyper-threading Enabled - OS will see 2 CPU's)
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive
1000 GB Transfer/month
$159/mo :: First Month = $143.10

@Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz DELUXE
800 Front Side Bus (Hyper-threading Enabled, OS will see 4 CPU's)
1 GB RAM (ECC Registered)
73 GB SCSI Hard Dive
2000 GB Transfer/month
$279/mo :: First Month = $251.10

@Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz
800 Front Side Bus (Hyper-threading Enabled, OS will see 4 CPU's)
1 GB RAM (ECC Registered)
80 GB IDE Hard Dive
2000 GB Transfer/month
$239/mo :: First Month = $215.10

@Dual Opteron
1 GB RAM (ECC Registered)
80 GB Hard Drive
2000 GB Transfer/month
$239/mo :: First Month = $215.10
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Coupon Code: REOPMTXIS 10% off First Month, Incl Upgrades & Cpanel
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
How do I order?
If you would like to order one of these premium servers, please do it so on our Order form, all data is encripted and Secured via SSL. Here.

How much time does it takes to get the Server Online Running and configured with Cpanel?
It usually takes 24 Hours, if it is more than 24 Hours, we will change your billing data to reflex the delivery date.

How much does Cpanel costs?
Cpanel pricing is currently $29/mo (Normal pricing) but you will get 10% off for the first month.

Will you call me to confirm my order?
If your order has some discrepacies or a high fraud score we will.

What Payment methods do you accept?
We currently Accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners club using our direct merchant account. On your statement it will show "Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc." we also Accept PayPal and eChecks.

I'm currently not interested in RVskin, would it be avaliable in two months or so and can I order it for the same price?
Yes, you can we have partnered with RVskin to offer their products to benefit our clientele.

What's exactly an "APC Remote Reboot Port"?
Well, an Remote reboot port is a Web Interface not related to your server where you can Reboot your server without calling Anyone. You can also turn the power of the computer off if you want.

Do you allow Un-Verified PayPal Payments?
If you don't have a Verified PayPal account you will have to choose or use another payment method, in some cases we might accept un-verified PayPal Payments is any proof of ownership is sent via Fax or eMail.

Are you Authorized to sell GNAX Servers or is this scam?
Yes we are authorized, we are proud to be on the dedicated Servers page

I have further questions, where can I get an answer to those?
You can just ask here and I will reply to your Question, you can also send an eMail to Sales [AT]

Do you have a website?
Sure we have! our Dedicated Server Division (MTXIS) is off-line at the moment we are redesigning it to suit our needs, the address is, our general site for services is, our corporate site is, our forums are, our helpdesk is

When will this offer end?
This offer will be valid until 8th June.

I have a Cpanel server elsewhere, can you help me transfering all Accounts into the new Server with your company?
You bet, just send a support ticket or get a hold on Instant Messenger.

Any IP I can ping/tracert?
Sure, site. has address

Any Test Download I can use to test?

Are there any contracts?
No, there is no obligation to stay with our company or anything like it, if you're not satisfied with our services you can move on and cancel your billing account and we won't bill you anymore. Although we want you to be happy with us.

Do you have AIM/ICQ/Y!/MSN ?
Sure, it is listed at our site on Support or in my profile.

Thank you for reading my long-long-offer hopefully it has some good information that can have the answer to your questions, if not don't hesitate to ask

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