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Jumpstart 10-31-2017 02:10 AM

Hello! Jumpstart Webhosting here, a new member!
Hello Hosting Discussion!

I am Jumpstart, owner of Jumpstart Webhosting Solutions. Well, first off, I opted to sign up here to learn more about Webhosting and how one can earn from this business. I intend to make this Webhosting business of mine as a sideline to my morning work. But if this business does fly, who knows?

I also intend to interact with fellow Webhost owners here and learn from their experiences (both good and bad):agree:

So i think my first question would be, "How do you advertise or spread the word about your Webhosting business?" I already established my site, ( and now i am at a loss at how to advertise this business of mine.

I opted for the free Reselllerspanel account of I read that some are quite successful in their business with Resellerspanel and I intend to learn from these people.

Any tips would be of great help!:agree:

i look forward to interacting with you guys.

Thank you very much!

Artashes 10-31-2017 08:34 AM

First of all, welcome to HD and I hope that you gain the insights and knowledge that you are looking for. We are a quality community with many highly experienced professionals across all fields of the web hosting industry. So if you have questions, ask away, there is always someone around to answer.

The second part of your post is better suited in the Promotion and Marketing forum, but before re-posting it there, you can check for existing conversations taking place on the same topic.

Jumpstart 10-31-2017 09:39 AM

Hello Artashes! Sorry for my other post by the way :)

Frankly speaking, I am at a loss by just browsing this forum. So much information, so little time- I don't know where to start! Haha :)

Yes, I will surely ask questions (I have a lot!) and I am looking forward to learn and thrive in this business.

Thank you for referring me to the Promotion and Marketing forum- will definitely check this.

Thank you very much, Artashes! :)

24x7server 11-01-2017 02:15 AM

Welcome to HD family. :)

SpdyHost 11-16-2017 05:39 PM

Greetings, Jumpstart!

I here am new myself and look forward to meeting new people and learning more about the web hosting industry. I look forward to seeing you around! :)

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