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We are a newly Muiltigaming clan called devine gaming looking for sponsorship, we decied to expand over onto other games but we have reached a block as we have not got the resuaces in witch to expand our muiltigaming clan onto other games such as much popular titles as css and cs 1.6 we currently play call of duty 4 modern warfare esport team and we have high goals and standards on witch i expect my team to acheive e.g. summer cup and hopefully going to lans in the comming year.

What we can give to you

we can give pretty much anywhere on our website where there is space such as side,header, and news banner many more but you can state and choose where you feel the need to put the sponsor. We also have space on our irc channel and the future cups we are should be holding not defenite looking for aleast 32 teams or 16 teams miniuim before we can start the tourement im hoping we get a few big names also but the tourament is not definate to this date so we can tell you more on a later date. also we are planning to make a fragmovie or some sort of movie for a tribuite to our team.

What we are looking for

Ruffly we hoping at getting 4 game servers 10*3 and 14*1 private
20-30 Ventrilo server slots then around 30 bouncers.


Movie Maker - make a movie on our team

Content Manger - making content, news, scores file and configs

Thank you for reading my post

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