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We have been getting a bunch of stolen identity orders this last week. Not that we don't get them all the time, but this week I had a few very persistant "potentia clients" who would not give up.

I have had one individual in particular who must have a ton of people's identities because he was able to give me a new card immediately when I had a problem on one of them. These orders also seem to check out in many of the usual ways that we verify a person's order. He placed a few different orders under different names in the same week.

- The IP resolves to the same city as the address
- They passed Visa's Verified by Visa verification
- He was talking to us on IM at length (which is usually not the case with bad orders)
- He was persistant and kept coming back with all kinds of reasons why he was legitimate.
- He came from different IP's even though I am positive that two separate orders were from the same individual.


- The phone numbers never checked out and were either disconnected or had no answer even though the area code actually often matched the city of the order address.

I just got off the phone with one of the people who's identity he stole and issued a credit for them so that I wouldn' t get a chargeback.

The hosting company that was given on two orders was:

There are a few more that I am skeptical of but I don't want to list their info until I am sure.


bad stuff!!
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