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Unfortunately, you're right, Conor. We'd lose customers if we put anything on the glass. And it's pretty obvious we have security cameras - two pointing directly at the front door from different angles. And the robber looked directly at the monitor on the front desk when he broke in.

The security company calls the salon first, then our home and cell phones. I don't understand the delay in calling us, but you're right - it wouldn't have made any difference. I made it there 11 minutes after the robber left, and 3 minutes before the police arrived.

Aloha Salons is in Spanish Lake, an unincorported area of North St. Louis County.

And you're right Artashes....I spent a good amount of time at Chidren's Hospital over the weekend with my daughter and granddaughter - found out she had a staff infection and we all had to take bleach baths last night. She'll be better - but we had no clue what was wrong with her. Put being robbed on the back burner for us.
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