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@dr_dats. I don't have problems with false alarms, and in the event we do have one, it's a $25 fine ... which I can live with. I also worked for a security company in Hollywood, Florida. Security companies are out of the question - their response time would be horrible, and it would ultimately be turned over to the police anyway. The lighting is excellent and I leave half the lights on in the shop and the window blinds are left open - meaning break-ins are completely visible to traffic. The suspect will be able to be identified from the video. The back door has 3 different types of locks on it, so there is no escape through the rear exit, forcing the robber to park around back and walk to the front, then walk back around the building to the back to escape. I monitor and record Salon activity from my residence via the Internet. This particular robber has a history of hitting multiple businesses on the same night, so showing police the video immediately helps them be on the lookout elsewhere.

@host1plus...bullet proof glass is out of the question. Aside from the expense, they'd just break the large glass windows to gain entrance. As it is, these windows already cost over $1000 for normal glass.
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