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I think that this website could use some work.

- For the Linux VPS, Windows VPS and Dedicated Server pages, you basically ripped the content from BurstNET/NOCSTER. You should redesign the content, so it's not so easily spotted.

- There's really no "design" to the website. It's just three separate boxes on a page with a blue gradient background. I think there could be either 1) something more to this website that makes it unique or 2) a minimalist design with just a logo, some text and navigation.

- I notice the header navigation is a big black box with table-esque navigation. It could use something more to make it stand out.

Other than the above, I don't really find much else to review until you create a well thoughtout design. You can use some of the elements you currently have, but I think it's going to take a significant investment of time on your part to make it work.