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First impressions to me scream secondary school and Dreamweaver; this is both due to the navigation and the layout they simply look thrown together, the banner doesn't tie to the content/navigation or background. The twitter/live support bar seems to be located as it is for little purpose other than to fill space and attempt to but the banner and content together.

The use of images and text is terrible mainly due to the lack and size of the text and the colossal size of the images it seems to be an attempt to fill or bulk out the pages. There seems to be a loose colour scheme however the site could as well be made out of a table due to its layout so again the student/Dreamweaver just screams out.

A personal niggle that whmcs isn't styled as the site to keep uniformity though that may be a good thing based on the current layout. Essentially you need to think of the site as the face of your company it is your image and how you communicate to the user... if your site gives the above impression then the users won't be going away with happy thoughts.

And id agree with the above, As I said to swan directly before posting/emailing the above I think in such cases as design being blunt in the only way to approach things as the above is a tad aggressive in that sense however hopefully it will allow you to make the correct changes without putting you off further design work.
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