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When helping customers via LiveChat, how do you manage them?

Example: Sometimes someone will just continue talking. They don't have a "question", but instead are just interested in chatting. This is fine, I love talking to customers/potential customers but when there are multiple people online and someone else has a real question or problem to be solved, its difficult to engage everybody.

After about a 15 minute conversation, chit-chatting about this, about that; a customer finally thanked me for my time and let me know he wouldn't keep me any longer.

Would it be appropriate to simply say:
"I'm glad that you decided to contact us but we currently have LiveChat guests seeking support that needs to be addressed" (or something)

Mainly, I don't want to sound like a dick and displease a potential customer who is simply just trying to chit-chat and get the feel of how a company is ran. But I also don't want other clients who may be on the chat getting slow response times because I am discussing misc. things with another guest.