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Originally Posted by Stream101 View Post
While HostGator can be good for some things, the fact is that their server ARE overcrowded. You can do a simple WHOIS lookup and see over 200 accounts on a single server sometimes. Their tech support may be 24/7, but how well do they speak English? Why can't you get a hold of the Sales Team within 12 hours?

These were all problems that I had to deal with before starting work with the company I work for now.

HG is great for someone starting a small website with limited visitors. They are cheap and pretty reliable. However, if you need personalized support from a big company like HG....forget it!
I actually have to disagree with you completely. HostGator are by far one of the best hosting companies around at the moment. I have a reseller account with them for my personal site and servers with IGX host for my customers (best to keep them separate). It doesn't make any difference how many accounts are on a server if you don't know the full story. 100 of those accounts may be static websites that rarely get any visitors. GoDaddy is who you should be moaning about as I have heard rumors that they host accounts in the thousands.

As far as support goes we all known that HostGator are one of the top hosts for this. Their live chat is amazing and I haven't had to wait longer than 5 minutes to actually start speaking to someone. Their staff are knowledge and always very friendly. If they can't help you they will create a support ticket for you which does take longer but it's only a rare occasion when their chat support can't help.

Have you actually used HostGator before? If not I don't see how you can comment based on a WHOIS search...

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