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Originally Posted by rocketgirl View Post
A 50% profit margin is awesome--good job Paul0130! I had no idea reselling could be that profitable; I thought it was a flooded field with low earning potential.
A lot of people posting on web hosting forums would lead you to believe this is a saturated industry. While there is competition, the industry is far from saturated. Sustaining pricing levels is about delivering a perception of value. If you underprice your services, you'll have a much harder time sustaining operations - overprice them and you won't sell as many. And what works for one provider may not work for you. I wouldn't leave any stones unturned - do the forum advertising, article writing, blogs, craigslist, ebay - then figure out what works for you and do it over and over and over until it stops working. Good margins are there for reselling - good luck.
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