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Hello Sherwood,

Typically, when you use a directory submission service for submitting your site/blog it is approved instantly assuming the blog is appropriate with the corresponding directories. Also, as Artashes mentioned, I don't believe the age of the site will have anything to do with its PR. If the content of your blog is of high-quality material it should be accepted regardless of how long your site has been around.

Don't forget to submit your blog to free website directories and submit with confidence you will be fine . One rule of thumb you did a great job at was writing all of your blogs in advance 50+. When starting a blog site itís always wise to write up a bunch of articles in advance. If you have pre-written your blogs this will facilitate by ensuring you continuously have fresh material for your readers.

Lets us know how it goes and once your blog is live share it with us, maybe some members here may enjoy it
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