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Originally Posted by Steve-Hostirian View Post
A lot of people posting on web hosting forums would lead you to believe this is a saturated industry.
We agree with you Steve this market is far from saturated. You have new people entering the market everyday. Their skill level will determine where they get their services from.

As a reseller you get the advantages that there is no overhead, but you also remember you are selling someone else's product.

There are clients out there for everyone, if you find your niche you will make a good living. Remember it is not about the 10.00 you will make today but the 1000.00 or more you will make over the life of the client.

You never know when that small shared client could need a whole rack and still growing. (True story).

One last point about reselling and profit margins, if you are greedy you will get some customers but not many, and like Steve said in his post if you are to inexpensive (affordable), they may not see any value in your services. Hence no customers. You must show value and if you do, your prices can be higher than average but you have to get the customer to see that value.

Good Luck!
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