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I thought about that and that was my first plan too. But, and maybe I need a sanity check here, the seller is even less of a businessman than I. He actually gave me his master login to WHCMS now to look around. He's a graphic artist and was hosting his clients but now he wants to stop dealing with it and just do his artwork--he's an artist not a businessman and has no intention, AFAICT, to trick anybody.

So it SEEMS that I can trust him. He also said it would be fine with him to use escrow or if I would find a lawyer in his city and have the lawyer hold the check while he makes the transfer--then I'm very protected.

But since he appears so easy going about it, I thought to just save a few dollars and skip the lawyer. That's why I also did some research on him, to try to ascertain his veracity, and what that I can find coincides with everything he has said. So I think he is an honest person.
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