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Originally Posted by NetworkFlag-Sam View Post
Would just like to point out that you need to make sure that your off-site location is super reliable, no point in making backups if you cant restore from them later. We use Rackspace Cloudfiles as it ensures there are 3 copies of the files making it super redundant incase our servers go down.
That's a great solution. The only problem I see is that if Rackspace ceases to exist, so do all three of your copies. That's probably unlikely, but spectacular failures of companies has happened.

I maintain backups a bit differently. I have R1Soft backups with daily restore points going back 28 days, and I have a daily cron job that dumps the databases and uses rsync and SSH to backup each account's files & databases to another server. The two servers are in two different data centers, in two different states. With the R1Soft backups, that makes three servers in three different locations, so the redundancy is there.

I have monthly backups that I store at home, but they are less useful than the daily backups. I keep them because the other solutions "auto delete" accounts that are no longer with me.
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