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Hello all!

I need sponsored hosting for a website that has big potential in gaining traffic. The site already exist for one month now, and we have some hosting problems at the moment, so we're looking for a reliable host for a sponsored hosting partnership.

I need a host that can service a lot of visits, and give a lot of bandwidth.
We're planning to go up to 5k unique visits per day in near future, but expect ~2-2.5k to be the daily average. The site is using Wordpress.

I will be needing:
*300GB of bandiwdth
*20-30GB of HDD space
*PHP, MySQL support

I offer in return:
*text or image ad on our website
*special blog entry on our official blog
*detail reviews of your hosting on related websites

Any other information you might need, you can ask here, via private messages or on my email