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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for voicing your opinion, it matters and it is always valuable. But please keep in mind:

1. Blue is not a moderator, he is an advisor. He has no moderating responsibilities nor is he restricted in voicing his opinions.

2. Blue has left on vacation I believe, but what question(s) has he not addresses?

3. Everyone has their own opinions and principles. While he has gone all out against the unlimited resources (which I have to say I side with him on), he has agreed and was supportive of the same member's stand on other issues. Its a matter of principle on subjects. The problem is not in particular members, the problem is with terminology. Blue mentioned even if the word unmetered was used, it would have been correct. But offering "unlimited" is a lie, which it is. Blue's stand on "unlimited" has been well known for many years.

I do not agree that this forum has taken a new tone. Why? Just because of one or two heated debates over certain policies? I'd rather have open healthy dialogues than censor opinions, which I, or few other people, do not agree with. The ability to speak up and explain your view is an excellent opportunity and everyone's right, unless the ideas proposed are illegal in nature.