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Hello Art,

Thanks for your reply. I do fully believe in freedom of speech and also fully agree that unlimited diskspace and bandwidth is a lie, that's why you don't see such plans on my site.

This person simply asked "Is it possible? What has been the most effective form of advertising for your business?" regarding "Marketing You Web Hosting Business On A Shoe String Budget". AND he was jumped by Blue for his Unlimited plans.

This guy then asked blue about stuff on his site being a lie. "you offer a FREE SITE BUILDER. I would like to know is that free after you purchase hosting or can anyone use the program?????? If it is FREE after the purchase of one of your hosting plans, then can you tell us how you can say it is FREE?", Blue completely blew this off and went on with this other guy lying about "unlimited"

There were others within the thread as well, but I think this post is long enough now. You may view the other stuff within the thread at Marketing You Web Hosting Business On A Shoe String Budget
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