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Originally Posted by DJInBoise View Post
Who do you think is the best? Best service? Best plans? I'm with Mochahost and not happy with their support turn around time. Plus some of my Wordpress sites have gone down and they blame it on Plesk. I think it's something on their end and they want me to move to WebsitePanel. I like the Plesk interface. Suggestions?

Hi DJ,

There's no such thing called as BEST in the Web Hosting industry. You will see companies which is good but you won't see a "BEST" anywhere at all.

I'm not too sure about Mochahost but if your WP is down, then they should check why is it down. Blaming it on a Control Panel is totally NOT the correct thing to do. How could/should PLESK be blamed for this?

I could see a reason why they want to move to WebSitePanel(WSP). PLESK costs money while WSP does not. So that's 1 easy reason why they would want to move. As much as you like it, I have to not like it at the same time. They are crazy on the use of AJAX. Everything seems to be so erm... overly animated. LOL
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