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Originally Posted by InstantPH View Post
And that's it.. All to often I see hosts take complaints about service personally, especially in the public domain. A quick look on any web hosting forum and you'll find a thread where a host is arguing with a client over who's right and wrong. Now I understand the need to defend the company, but lowering yourself and the company into arguments with clients is not the way to go about it.
right or wrong, if a client has a problem,

1) find out what the problem is calmly
2) find a solution and fix it if you can

continue too argue with client then

1) the client will walk
2) the client will post many damaging reviews on hosting forums

this will do no good to your reputation

we currenly have a client that if he has a problem its always the server to blame, but hes the only one that reports such a problem and then suddenly with the DC techs assistants its alway down to the client messing around with their script, but i never argue with the client i carmly explain the problem to the client until they understand the problem and at the same time i learn a bit more about the scripts they use
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