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Originally Posted by JerryM View Post
I've been providing hosting services since 2004 so please don't post talking down to me like I don't know how things work.

IF you have an offer, feel free to post your best one, otherwise, please stop trying to up your post count.
I hope that was not aimed at me?

I don't know what you know. I can see you offer web hosting, but not shoutcast hosting. I didn't know whether you knew you could host a stream on the same IP under a different port or not until you mentioned it later on.

You never said you needed many dedicated IPs so you could run multiple streams on port 80. Obviously a different IP address is needed for that.

I found your post to be quite harsh tbh, when all I was doing was trying to be helpful. If you wasn't referring to me, then no problem.

But trust me, I never posted "IP for shoutcast just needs different port numbers" just so I could increase my post count. Was just taking part in the forum. Although I admit I could have made more effort with the sentence. I must have been doing something else and so quickly finished the reply before logging out.
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