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as stated reselling can be profitable, but you are at the mercy of the host reselling you the space.

when i started it took me 6 months of trying hosts to find a solid releaible host which i stayed with for 4 years moving to a master reseller. i was making a good profit with a good solid clientbase then on day our sites were down including the hosts, they stated they suffered a HD failure on their server and would have to move server,so we were given new IPs, no problem. a few days later everything when down again and they sated they suffered another HD on the new server (this time i started a search elsewhere ) as this did not ring true ( 2 HD failures on 2 servers in a week) within 24 hours all sites up again. the following morning i awoke to find a mountain of emails from angry clients that their sites were down. i checked any everythiong was down, but my hosts site shows the default suspended page. so i think they changed hosts and then failed to pay this host, but it took 4 days to get a reply and this was sorry we are having tech problesm and will be back in 24 hours, well this came and went. so i ended up getting a VPS which i wish id done ages ago, but by this time my clientbase had dropped by 80% as these 80% had gone elsewhere. it took me a while and a lot of hard work to rebuild my business and reputation, now 6 years on i have a stoong business and clientbase and still have some original clients
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