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We were unable to process the refund as expected by the OP due to the restrictions put on us by PayPal, we're an Indian company and according to PayPal terms all the funds in any Indian account are automatically withdrawn into a bank account associated with the account, so in case where we have to send funds or issue refunds we either need to have funds in our PayPal account or we have to use a credit card.

And by stating "So what's the outcome, do you need more money?" We just wanted to make sure that the OP received the refund in full, maybe the response seemed to be inappropriate.

We never denied refund to the OP, we were waiting for things to be sorted, maybe the OP started thinking that he might not get a refund. The Op signed up on 14/03/2012 and got a full month service and the service was interrupted since 14/04/2012 which we already informed the OP.

So in short we refunded the OP even for the service that he received.

I hope this clears all the confusion.