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Originally Posted by iUKHost View Post
I have a couple of shared web hosting acounts I'd to migrate to another provider, please see here for details if you can offer them a new home.

Many thanks,
it seems 20 for these 2 clients seems not much in it for another host in way of making the 20 back and getting a profit

Client A:
Two domains & 1 hosting package at 19.99 / Yr – Renewal date 14/12/2012
Disk Usage: 11 MB, Disk Limit: 100 MB, 11% Used :: BW Usage: 119 MB, BW Limit:
2000 MB,
Both domains are currently managed by eNom so these can be “pushed” free to
another eNom account as not to incur fees.

Client since 2008
1 x - 12/14/2012 (14.99 every two years)
1 x .com - 4/26/2013 (9.99 a year)
*One of the websites contains adult content.

Client B
One hosting package at 19.99 / Yr – Renewal date 20/05/2012
Disk Usage: 100 MB, Disk Limit: 100 MB, 100% Used :: BW Usage: 3 MB, BW Limit:
2000 MB
Client since 2009
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