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I am creating a web site that is planned to be a bit like a cross between foursquare and facebook, but for dancers. Potentially, if the web site takes off, I will need a LOT of resources (potential worldwide customer base of at least a million users, who would all be using the site at least once a week). However initially I won't need so much in terms of bandwidth etc. So no upgrade fees and a lot of scalability would be an important part of any deal that I would need. Once the web site got busy enough to need its own server or VPS it would also require managing. Some kind of guarantee of uptime would also be necessary, with compensation offered if you don't meet the guarantee.

My programmer has certain requirements (shouldn't be too difficult, but it is still worth mentioning). He says that he needs;

Linux based OS (with cPanel)
PHP version 5+
PDO support enabled
MySQL version 5+
Storage engine - InnoDB (for mySQL transaction, foreign key and stored procs)
SSL Certificates (small business)
24/7 Phone and online technical support, preferably based in the uk.

Things that would be nice but not necessary;
Building tools to help with following functions
eCommerce/shopping cart
Photo/media gallery

So... do any of you think you can help me?