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his last 2 PMs to me were

If you can sort out transferring the domains / client’s website to your registrar / hosting provider you can have them free.

As you can see from my delayed replies I simply don’t have the time to manage this stuff
ny reply to this was

transfering hosting is no problem as i have my own VPS. your clients will just need to register with us and provide us with ftp details to transfer the sites.

we have a resellerclub account for domains the clients would need to regsiter a domain account and set the transfer in motion through this
so he replied as

I would like the migration to impact the clients as little as possible; as such a better course of action maybe for me to transfer them up to my provider which I believe the migration could be done without the clients having to make changes on their part.
my reply to this was

their will be little impact on the clients, but both clients details must be registered on our system through https://********/register.php, so we can assign the domains/sites to the correct client
nothing from him since

i just wonders how i was to take on his clients without him or his clients providing me with their details
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