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WebHostingTalk administrator with nickname "BEAR"suspended my account before few months becaouse our VPS client post good review about my company on this theard

Problem is in that because that client who posted good review about us work he have same last name like owner of hosting022 company.

I explane in support ticket to wht helpdesk that we are not causens and i not pay him to post review about me.

That client haved shared hosting and domain for more than two years with us and than switch to vps.

After few months talking over support ticket BEAr do not want to unsuspend our premium account because he suspect that client work for me and he suspended my account which i do not have any connection with that client needs to post good or bad review...

I can to post here all screenshoots from our tickets with BEAR,he have big problem in his minds i think that he discriminates agains me because we are from Serbia or something simular.