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We are a registered non-profit from Germany working together with security and cryptographic experts on censorship circumvention. Tor is a research project that offers encrypted and safe tunnels for those affected by Internet censorship or worried about their privacy.

Even though we only allow a number of well-known ports to exit from our servers to not facilitate file sharing, Tor can unfortunately lead to a number of (mostly unwarranted) abuse complaints. We have volunteers doing 24/7 abuse handling and have successfully managed over 20 servers in parallel in various jurisdictions.

We are constantly looking for ISPs who are able to provide at least 100 Mbit/s true dedicated lines (33TB up/down) and IP reassignment (SWIP). If you are interested, please answer the following questions:

- Autonomous System Number(s) (ASN)
- available data center locations
- bandwidth prices
- contact info

Required: CPU with AES-NI capability, 8GB+ RAM.

Thank you!