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Hey Hostmything,

We'd be happy to work with you on a custom plan. You didn't provide a whole heap of information so its a bit difficult for me to give you a detailed quote, but I will put together a starting point where we can work from.

To address your first concern, the ability to upgrade is a non-issue. You are in a virtual environment on nodes that are only sold to ~60% capacity, thus tons of room to expand. We also offer dedicated machines to current clients who eventually demand their own dedicated resources -- you can continue to grow with us, even if you become to big for a VPS. We have a 1GBps private network we can transfer your data without downtime.

Take a peak at the following 2 plans. I feel it necessary to offer 2 as you did not specify a RAM requirement.

Scoots 512
512 MB
640 MB
40 GB
500 GB
Fully Managed
Free cPanel
$39.95 /mo

Scoots 1024
1024 MB
1280 MB
60 GB
1000 GB
Fully Managed
Free cPanel
$49.95 /mo

We would be able to include ClientExec for you for free, however as PVT-Jordan has pointed out above, WHMCS has a new billing policy and we are unable to get licenses any cheaper then you would be able to. Though we do still offer them, they are just simply sticker price at $13/month.

Under both plans we would be willing to give you 50% off your first month to give us a try. We have a 100% positive approval rating with over 3 years of nothing but positive reviews -- take a look for yourself. We fully managed anything and everything including third party applications and advanced level3 support requests. We have staff onsite in the data center daily working on our racks. We own all our own hardware, including our Cisco networking equipment and enterprise grade servers. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee in the event we don't do everything we say we will, but in all honesty, in years of offering this, its never been requested. We do what we say we will, plain and simple, no fluff.

Feel free to stop by live chat if you'd like to discuss either of the 2 above deals. Best of luck to you and your hosting hunt either way.
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