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Originally Posted by InertiaNetworks View Post
HostGator used to be good, but I agree, now they are going down the drain!!
Honestly I wouldn't put that to much on the fact that EIG acquired them and more to do with their growth.

They are struggling to hire and train the right people to cover their constantly rapid growth, just imagine the daily signups they get - For the past few years I don't think their has been a day they haven't been hiring new people and investing into getting qualified people.

Just to show you how much they try to get new people in the doors, they've invested heavily to get new employees from paying $5000 relocation assistance for new employees, cut marketing budgets to invest that money into hiring campaigns etc...

At the same time somewhere on WHT it was noted that they didn't do what Brent did and they plan to do so soon (cut marketing again to invest that into hiring campaigns).

I really do hope HostGator pulls through like they did before (and I believe they will).

We shouldn't all just attack HostGator because its now an EIG brand, many other factors come into play when considering a company going down hill, you have to remember the same management team etc... are still in place at HostGator running HostGator as normal (unsure of how much influence EIG has behind the scenes but generally things seem to have stayed the same with the exception for struggling to keep up with growth).
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