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Originally Posted by rowebca View Post
Since Brent O. is not anymore, there Hostgator won't be anymore what was before, the problem is on our days companies are hiring diploma not people with knowledge (schools are not really what were before). I was a Hostgator customer for years with dedicated servers but right now they are good for Wordpress sites not for serious projects. Other words is a big company but for small projects.

This is just my opinion.
Oh HostGator would never be the same without Brent I agree, it was very easy to get in touch with Brent almost felt like a personal company for such a size.

My point was I don't believe their problems today are due to the fact EIG acquired them. I think this would have happened anyways, maybe with Brent he would have handled it differently (cut marketing earlier like before to invest into getting talent into the doors) though who knows.
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