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Originally Posted by hostechsupport View Post
We used to have our forum & our techies use to post general info as well as linux commands etc to help clients as well as visitors/members. Being mostly assisted by live chat & email support, forums loose their charm. It was getting extra garbage every now & then by the ever-visiting Spammers & virus, coz of which one day we had to kill our much-loved forum
But, nostalgically, we want to start afresh with them again...we hope we'll get it a new face all over again..
That is why keeping the company forums locked is a good idea. Let only your customers register for an account. That can always be verified by the same email address used when signing up for service.

The things to consider is that when customers leave, what do you do? Do you still permit them to access the forum? Do you delete their account and posts? What if they left because they were unhappy with the service and come back from time to time to discourage others from signing up? What if they post a negative review? How do you deal with it?