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Originally Posted by CeraNet View Post
Having a server is not a data center. You put a server IN a data center.

Think infrastructure like a secure building (with multiple layers of physical security), redundant power grid feeds, redundant UPS / power systems, redundant backup generators, redundant HVAC, etc. Keep in mind redundant means at least n + 1. The +1 not only means you need at least one more than required to make things work. It also adds at least 125% to the cost of buying and maintaining each system because you need to have automatic fail-over systems that connect the n and the +1 together.

I can go on, but you get the picture.
This is quite an old thread and probably didn't need to be bumped. But for my input I have to agree that you should first obtain customers and then do this venture properly.

For a success story though look at HostDime, they started out with no clients and grew to just 200 servers which is when they built their first in-famous Orlando datacentre. Now look at them.
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