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Originally Posted by EasyAsPie View Post
I haven't been in a similiar situation but as ex-game developer I would suggest you to start working on your game and thinking about the genre and the basic ideas and features of the game. You could also look for more developers so you could share ideas between devs and get further with it faster. You could sign up on some indie community websites if you want to find more devs.

If you are going to take the interview anytime in the future you should think of some questions and answers to them in advance. Having a clear idea of what your game will be about would help of course.
I actually intend to create a full-blown studio later in the year. The idea is simple; hire talented developers to create my ideas, and pay them with an unlimited supply of doughnuts. (seriously, the whole doughnut thing I've mentioned in my 'introduction' thread wasn't a joke... well, it kind of was, but still)

Anyways, thank you (and everyone else who has posted) for the wonderful advice.
Still though, if I can at all avoid it, I plan to never speak in front of a crowd, especially one that has more than 5 people. (let alone 70,000)

If and when it comes down to it, I'll just hire someone to speak on my behalf. You know, an actual professional?
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