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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
That is always the problem on shared servers, if someone on the server sends out spam and the IP gets blacklisted this effects everyone on the IP. you could get yourself a dedicated IP on a shared server, so therefore if the your ded IP gets blacklisted then its your doing, but you are not effected by the main servers IP being blacklisted.
This is false

Reallocation of an IP does not clean up its bad reputation. Moreover the one IP may be part of entire block of IPs with bad reputation. Thus, advice “You do what you want, if you get blocked it’s your fault" is inappropriate since the guy who had that dedicated IP before you may have followed that advice. A lot of ISPs but a lot of weight on domain reputation these days -- in that case it doesn't matter what IP you have, and if you have a good domain reputation "you can take it with you."

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