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Originally Posted by bunnykins View Post
It also depends which blacklist you get put on. I know from my ips getting blocked that some times the mail server gets blocked and some times the individual spammers ip gets blocked. Also some times the domain it self gets blocked. it depends which block list it is on.
Yep. There's one primary public one that a lot of places use called Spamhaus, and they actually maintain a number of different lists. Some of them are:
  • lists of virus-infected machines
  • lists of home computers that shouldn't be sending email directly to the server
  • lists of IP addresses that are directly under control of the spammer
  • there are also IP addresses that they've sent spam from, that can be fixed/de-listed by ISP

There are also a number of lists controlled by the spam filtering companies and those tend to be private, in that you have to be a customer of that company in order to access that list.