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Originally Posted by bunnykins View Post
Maybe some one else used your email address when talking to them.
I actually had them happen. For what ever reason some girl I do not know was using my email address on a site that didn't require her to verify the email address so not having access to it was not a problem for her.
Any way I started getting notices from that site for replies to PM and even topics on the forum. I went there to check out why I was getting these emails as I had never heard of the site.
I then did the forgot password which emailed me the password to the site and I logged in and saw all the PMs were replied to by who ever it was that was using my email address and she had also replied to the topics on the forum as well.

So what I did was talked to the owners of the site and had my account removed. Even though it was not even my account.
Very could be. Never thought UK2 would actually do spam. Too large and too respected group to do so.
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