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Originally Posted by RonaxHOST View Post
They have only famous name. Look at other unknown hosts. Don't afraid. PayPal is secured and trusted payment method. So they will refund

This is my opinion but your choice.
They are a very well known brand, that is what having millions in the bank for marketing can do for you .

Brent took this company great places, I kept off the EIG bandwagon for a while but now I have to say that EIG datacenter move has damaged this company by a fair bit. That being said I can see improvements in getting the issues resolved asap.

This is by far EIG largest acquision (Second would be BlueHost at 50% of its current size today) so of course it would have been a struggle, but I;m sure they'll pull through, learn from mistakes for future acquisions etc...

I wonder, does this have an effect on the premium hosting brand ASmallOrange (Owned by EIG, formerly Brent from HostGator).
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